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What to do with lawn care / grass clippings

What to do with lawn care / grass clippings Many people think that bagging grass clippings is good for your lawn. But, when you take a closer look at just what those clippings contain, you will see that bagging them may be depriving your lawn of key nutrients!

The grass clipping is made up of 80% water. By mulching your grass clippings and returning them to your lawn, you can add additional moisture to your lawn. This would allow you to irrigate less and conserve water. This can be especially helpful to your lawn during the scorching summer heat of Ocala, FL summers. Not only is the grass clipping made up of mostly water, but it is also 5% nitrogen. This is one of the main ingredients in fertilizer! When you allow the grass clippings to return to the lawn and decompose naturally, you will also be contributing to the natural balance of organisms that provide the foundation for healthy growing conditions.

So next time you mow your lawn, remember to let all those good nutrients return from where they came from and replenish your lawn. Your lawn will appreciate it and you won’t have to deal with the added work of removing and disposing of all those grass clippings!

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