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The Best Grass For Ocala, Fl Lawns

The Best Grass For Ocala, Fl Lawns

When choosing the grass for your lawn it is important to consider which varieties will be best for your property. Installing a lawn is a large investment of time and resource. This article will help you with some of the pros and cons of the different options.

Zoysia: Zoysia makes a beautiful summer lawn. It is known for growing an attractive green lawn free of weeds. It is also a drought tolerant grass when established. One of the unique aspects of this grass is its golden brown color during dormancy. It is an aggressive grower establishing a thick lawn, but can also be hard to contain. Its low profile and slow growth rate allow it to be mowed much less than other varieties.

Centipede: Centipede is like Zoysia in that it is a low growing grass needing fewer mowings. Centipede can be mowed every 14 days instead of every week as with other lawns. It is not nearly as aggressive as the Zoysia, but is still able to establish a nice lawn. Centipede does quite well with drought, seeing its compact growing habit. It prefers full sun, but can tolerate some shade. Centipede usually stays green year round and is well adapted to the sandy soil of Ocala, Fl.

Bermuda: Is found throughout Florida. It has good drought tolerance, but doesn’t perform well on sandy soil. Bermuda prefers the heavier soils. This grass is the primary choice for sport fields. Golf courses and many other sport/athletic fields across Florida implement its use.

St. Augustine: Is one of the few varieties that can’t be seeded. It is available in sprigs, plugs, and sod. It is one of the best varieties for shade tolerance. In the past this grass has been very susceptible to insect and disease, but has been very much improved with newer varieties. One reason Floridians are moving away from this grass, is it doesn’t tolerate drought well and often dies without supplemental water.

Bahia – Argentine: Is the most popular grass in Florida, closely rivaled by St. Augustine. The biggest complaint with this grass is its seed heads. During the fast growing months of summer, the seed heads can require frequent mowing. It is excellent for houses without irrigation systems, as it is the best for drought tolerance. It will brown during longer droughts, but green very quickly with new rain fall.

This is just a list of the most popular grasses used in the Ocala, Fl area. There are many other varieties, but this will get you started in the right direction. If you would like more information, you can contact a local landscape company or supplier. This can be very helpful as there are different types inside the varieties. For instance, some types of St. Augustine are more shade tolerant than others. A landscaper will be able to evaluate your specific situation and make recommendations.

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