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Landscape Installation

Below is a sample of some of the styles and designs


TRADITIONAL / MULTICULTURAL STYLE Do you like the look of the Traditional/Multicultural English, French, Spanish, or Italian styles? We can design one of these more formal types of gardens in your space for your enjoyment. These designs incorporate the landscape influence of other cultures. They include well-balanced placing of plant materials and are very asymmetrical. These traditional gardens usually require higher maintenance, with frequent pruning and trimming to maintain the exact design. The use of border grasses will help to maintain the garden and gives a clean well defined line to separate the lawn or landscape area from the garden areas.


Free Style is very natural and uses many modern or natural designs. The designs are usually asymmetrical and free flowing. This type of garden involves low maintenance. Less trimming and pruning is needed because the plants in these designs are allowed to obtain their full sizes by planting them with ample spacing.


WATER FEATURES An added Water Feature is a powerful yet relaxing element when incorporated in a garden design. The use of water enhances the sight and sound of a garden and provides a peaceful, soul-satisfying aspect. The therapeutic nature of water has been acclaimed from the beginning of time. It completes a natural setting and brings forth many living things. You may choose from pools, ponds, streams, fountains, water containers, and other pond less water features when having your design completed.


To design the Butterfly and Hummingbird garden is to invite nature’s most beautiful living jewels to be a part of your surroundings. This type of garden is a wonderful and rewarding way to experience a bit of the wild in your own backyard. It enables you to understand and appreciate the relationship between the plants, insects and birds as a source of food and energy when you provide this host garden for their life cycle


YEAR-ROUND COLOR You may desire an eye catching, year-round color landscape design that says; look at me now. This design is for you if you enjoy the cheerful bright array and display of flowers and colors through out the year. Note that this design is more maintenance intense and requires “well-prepared” soil for better growth. However, for those who love to tend the garden and enjoy their time there it is well worth the effort.


GAZEBOS, DECKING, TERRACES & LIGHTING If outdoor living is your passion, then enjoy it more with structures such as Gazebos, Decking, Terraces & Lighting. These features, when incorporated into the total landscape design with well-chosen plants, will increase the use and enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces. It allows you to entertain or simply use the outdoor areas around your home more throughout the year. Exterior lighting illuminates gardens, trees and walkways for nighttime activities and safety. These added hardscape features could be designed to meld with the interior’s colors and textures. From the inside doors and windows of your home, you and your guests will notice the cohesive artistic flow provided by these enhancements.


Are you an eco-conscience homeowner looking for a landscaped design that conserves water? Xeriscape designing is the type of landscape that involves a thorough understanding of the importance to save water and the water requirements of the plant materials that it uses. Although these designs often involve the use of plants that require water frequently when they are newly installed, once well established they require very little watering minimizing the over all usage of water. This design can include native and exotic plants, and the uses of mulches, gravel, rocks, pavers, and other materials to enhance the area. They require little or no maintenance.


SHADE FOLIAGE AND TEXTURE GARDENS For those garden situations where there is already deep shade or partial shade in most of the yard or you desire to have this type of setting, the design can be challenging yet the result is very rewarding. When the proper design is incorporated, these outdoor areas are cool and relaxing. The constant change of light filtering through that foliage of tall trees creates a settled, calm environment. Here is where ground covers, ferns, lush semi tropical to tropical plants can be grown under the protected canopy of the trees. Designs with low maintenance in mind in these areas can be obtained.


CHILDREN PLAYGROUNDS AND PLAY AREAS Looking for a play area for your children at home that will be an integral part of your landscape and not an eyesore? We can help you choose the best location and create a design with good accessibility of the play area equipment. The design will help you keep a watchful eye on the children while allowing them to have a fun, enjoyable space created just for them.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and surrounding areas in FL:
  • Ocala, FL
  • Belleview, FL
  • Silver Springs, FL
  • Summerfield, FL
  • Ocklawaha, FL
  • The Villages, FL
  • Wildwood, FL
  • Fort McCoy, FL
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