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Lawn Care

Properties with beautiful lawns are not only attractive to look at but also valued higher as compared with those that do not have a well-maintained one. These are some of the reasons why a lot of property owners devote much of their time and effort performing various lawn care tasks. However, maintaining the beauty of an expansive lawn is a tedious task. It is better if the job is performed by professionals like us at New Nature Landscape Services, LLC. We employ highly skilled people who can guarantee excellent results.

Our company is not your typical lawn maintenance service provider. We follow proven methods and techniques to provide clients like you with top-quality service. Our people are the best landscapers that you can find in Florida. You can see some of their works at Ocala, Belleview, Silver Springs, The Villages, and Ocklawaha, FL. The properties that we maintain in these areas include residential properties, commercial areas, and large estates. Hire us today so you can also experience our highly personalized lawn care services.


It is a fact that all landscaping elements need to be maintained on a regular basis. You have to take care of the softscapes, hardscapes, wood elements, water features, outdoor living spaces, and fire features. The irrigation and drainage systems must be checked from time to time to ensure their proper functioning. Another feature that must be included in the landscape maintenance plan is the outdoor lighting. This feature will allow you to enjoy the beauty and functionality of your landscape even at night. But one of the areas in the landscape that should be given with utmost attention and care is the lawn. There are different tasks that must be performed on a weekly or monthly basis to encourage proper turf growth and maintain its vibrant health. The lawn care tasks usually include mowing, edging, fertilizing, aerating, controlling pests and weeds, seeding or sodding, and dethatching.

Lawn Mower

Mowing is the most common lawn care task and considered by many as one of the easiest to perform. In fact, homeowners who have small lawn areas do the task in a DIY manner. But having knowledge on how to operate a lawn mower is not a guarantee that the lawn will be mown correctly. Appropriate methods must be followed so that the grass is cut according to the recommended height. Cutting too short or using dull mower blades will also affect the overall health of the turf. If you want a perfectly mown lawn, hire a professional who is not only skilled in handling lawn mowers but also knowledgeable about the turf's distinct needs.

Lawn Care Services

It is critical to get a company that can provide reliable lawn care services. Your service provider should be well-experienced and has the capability to perform any lawn maintenance task that you may require. Aside from the skills, you should also look for people who are professional, courteous, and dedicated to their jobs. These are proofs that they can provide quality work and ensure the lawn's health and beauty.

Lawn Maintenance

We are in the landscaping business for several decades now, so we are able to hone our skills and master all the lawn maintenance techniques and methods. We are also capable of handling the needs and requirements of residential and commercial clients because of our complete resources. In addition, every task that we do is performed meticulously to achieve outstanding results. Call New Nature Landscape Services, LLC today at (352) 209-8565 and learn more about our comprehensive but affordable lawn care services.

Landscape Maintenance

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and surrounding areas in FL:
  • Ocala, FL
  • Belleview, FL
  • Silver Springs, FL
  • Summerfield, FL
  • Ocklawaha, FL
  • The Villages, FL
  • Wildwood, FL
  • Fort McCoy, FL
  • Silver Springs Shores, FL
  • Citra, FL